Training should be effective, functional and fun

About Me

From Copenhagen, Denmark, worked as a Personal Trainer in Copenhagen and Atlanta, now living the Vikingo life in Los Cabos, Mexico. Proud husband to Elena, Dog Fanatic, Atlanta Falcons fan and overprotective parent of my dogs Lola & Vegas  🙂 


I believe that training should be effective, functional and fun. Whether your goal is to improve cardiovascular condition, increase muscle mass, getting strong and being able to add yards to your drive. It’s about having functional strength and being able to transfer that power. I strive to design exercises that serve your specific purpose. My focus is on functional strength and cardio training that is directly transferable to your favorite sports activity, be that golf or surfing for example, or improving our overall health and fitness level.

The methods I use in our trainings are mainly body weight training, working in intervals, utilizing all the benefits of boxing pad work, TRX, Medicine balls, Battle Ropes and whatever else I find useful when working to achieve the goal at hand.

Speaking of which…

Set a goal. It is important to make clear to yourself what your main objective is. The more specific we can make our trainings, the more fun and better the results will be. You do not want to work counterproductive towards your goal.

It is important that you have a training program with balance – we want to have good overall strength, balance and flexibility.
Basic things like moving up and down, pushing and pulling, being able to rotate, having flexibility and good cardiovascular condition is something everybody needs too be able to function and perform.

Chase that great feeling you get after training, if we can make that our primary goal, that today we just want to feel great, one training at a time, when we keep coming back, chasing that awesome post training high, the results will follow, consistency is key. Let’s Go!

Training Education

Personal Trainer - Fitness Institute

Fitness Coach - Fitness Institute

Anatomy & Physiology - Fitness Institute

American College of Sports Medicine - CPT

TRX Advanced Group Training

TRX Suspension Training

TRX RIP Training

TRX Functional Training

TRX Group Training

TRX GRAY Rank Trainer

The only Certified TRX Coach in Baja California Sur

Personal Training

All focus on You. Working on getting you stronger, more flexible, and overall moving better, becoming better athletes and better in life. Utilizing TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer, Functional training Tools, and Boxing Mitt work.

Group Training

We will power through sets of functional strength based exercises using the TRX and other tools, challenging our balance, core and flexibility, filled with energy and lots of laughs!


  • Peter is the most enthusiastic personal trainer I have ever met. His sessions are high energy, well organized, customized to the fitness level of the client and fun. Peter is a highly dedicated fitness professional who will both stir a fire in the belly to get fit and make you laugh and have fun while doing it’.

    If you’re not a client, you should be, and if you are a client than you know exactly what I am referring to.

    Robert M. Harris
    President & CEO - Pacific Market International
  • I love training with Peter, he’s super energetic, knowledgeable, always prepared and on-time for each and every workout. Peter focuses on my exact goals and fills each workout with a great balance of strength,flexibility and cardio. One of the things i love is his ability to create exercises to challenge my mind and body and feel like the session has flown by.

    Amber Swedgan
    Villas Del Mar - SJC
  • I have been training with Peter for over a year. I have found his training challenging, fun, and most importantly results oriented. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to this training. Peter’s positive attitude, unique training methods, and his professional commitment has made his sessions with me a complete success. Peter continues to mix things up so that every session is a little different which makes them fun and go by quickly.

    I have had many trainers over the years, but none more professional and committed to the success of their clients.

    Kevin L. Roberg
    Investor & Principal, Kelsey Capital Management - SJC
  • Peter approaches personal training on an individualized basis by establishing a workout program to achieve the client’s specific goals. His workouts are both balanced and demanding.
    Peter demands accountability both during the workout and during the other 23 hours in the day. If you want results, Peter is the guy! Peter is always upbeat, enthusiastic and happy! He introduces new exercises on a regular basis which keeps the workouts interesting!

    Jeff Kentner
    President & CEO - State Street Companies, Villas Del Mar - SJC
  • I have been working with Peter, personal trainer extraordinaire, for approximately 10 months. I have had personal trainers in the past, but never one so motivating or engaged in my development and improvement as Peter. He has a sound understanding of workout principles and spends a good amount of time before starting to work with you to understand your goals and limitations if you have any. Peter is there for you 100 per cent during your session, no checking his phone for voicemail or email, he is there for you and you alone.

    I look forward to going for my sessions, I work my butt off but at the same time, Peter keeps it fun and motivating. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks.

    Barbara Walker
    Querencia - SJC
  • Peter’s is an extraordinary trainer, his passion for fitness will ensure you get everything you need and want out of your training. Peters energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He continuously motivates you to drive toward your physical best. He incorporates functional exercises with cardio and strength for a full bodyworkout every time. At over 50 years old, boxing with Peter has introduced me to a rigorous, fun, challenging and exciting activity, his workouts make me feel stronger and faster.

    Robert Fleishman
    CEO, GT International Group - Mexico
  • Peter’s training is enjoyable because you’re constantly working different muscle groups while balancing strength development with dexterity.Peter’s approach to training is based on a diverse approach.

    He has a “deep repertoire” of exercises and movements that prepare you for any sport or physical activity.

    It is a very practical and thoughtful training regimen.

    Steven Scheyer
    CEO & Board Director. Chicago IL & Villas Del Mar - SJC
  • Peter is an excellent trainer
    His perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging, yet achievable, goal setting has led us toward a healthier lifestyle.

    We are stronger and more flexible, and our workouts have become fun thanks to Peter’s enthusiasm, encouraging attitude, and sense of humor.

    Tom and Judy Foster
    Nashville TN & Villas Del Mar -SJC
  • Since I met Peter for the first time I felt very comfortable with him. He is very easy going and knows how to motivate you to perform to your capabilities pushing you always in the right direction.
    I really enjoy how he mixes all kinds of drills (boxing, running, core exercises,etc). Literally time flies and you never get tired of the different workouts throughout the week.
    He remembers everything about your progress and makes sure you keep getting better.
    Never a dull moment, it’s functional training at its best.

    Edmundo Gallardo
    Business Owner - San José del Cabo, México
  • Peter came highly recommend from several homeowners in Villas Del Mar. I train with him 3 days per week and enjoy the sessions. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable, has a wonderful personality, and will push you beyond your mental and physical limit.

    I was in a fitness rut before I met Peter. I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with him soon. I can see the progress with my stamina and also the tone in my body/muscles. Peter makes each class challenging but fun. I never know what will happen during each class. I feel safe in his ability to push me without ever injuring myself. He’s very concuss of problem areas and proper stretching. I enjoy see the results. I’m very happy and confident in the body Peter has helped me achieve. Without him I would not have progressed so quickly. Peter is not only my trainer but my friend.

    Stephanie Baldwin
    Villas Del Mar Homeowner & permanent resident of Los Cabos
  • Our morning training sessions with Peter Sauer are truly a highlight of our Cabo vacations. My husband and I have known him for a few years and see him several days when we stay at Esperanza through Inspirato. Peter has an energy about him that makes the sessions engaging, productive and just plain fun. He creates workouts that are tailored to our fitness level and interests. He is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of fitness regimes and always mixes it up. He is thoughtful if we have any injuries and adjusts workouts accordingly. Additionally, he is a wonderfully kind person with a dynamic sense of humor. Now if only he would move to Seattle!

    Julie Newell
    Seattle, Washington
  • “Active breaks”, are his motto! “Rest” is not a word he likes to use during a work-out. Still, he makes working out some thing to look forward too, lol! He’s super high energy and time flies when working out with Peter. His workouts aren’t routine. They change daily and happily so did my shape and strength after working out with him. Thanks Peter! Always looking forward to our next session 😉

    Lupita Zepeda
    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Giving Back

I always believed that you need to give back in any way you can. Support your local community and organizations, be it with financial donations or with your time, make a difference in someone’s life, who is not as fortunate as you. Los Cabos Children’s  Foundation & Baja SAFE Humane Society are two of the great organizations here in Los Cabos, that continue to make a difference in the lives of kids and animals in Baja California. 
Please click on the links below and see how you can make a difference in the community.